Radio waves

by ddreyfuss

-frequency and wave length range of your wave:

Radio wave’s frequencies vary from 300 GHz to 3 kHz. Their wavelength varies from 1 millimeter to 100 kilometers.

-placement in the EM spectrum

Radio waves have the longest wavelengths and are located on the far left of the spectrum.

– energy associated with your wave and the properties based f, wavelength, and E!

Energy associated with my wave in biomass energy because burning wood also produces heat and light and the decry of heavy isotopes that cause radiation and radio waves. Not sure about the frequencies, wavelengths, and energy associated with this action.

-2 applications of your particular type of wave. What are they used for? How are they used/why?

Radio waves are used many for communication in satellites, computers, radio communication, broadcasting, and radars. They are naturally made by lightening or other astronomical objects. Artificially, they are made by burning materials like wood. This website also shows visually how radio waves are made: