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Month: February, 2015


Violin: When the bow is dragged along the strings of a violin a sound is produced. Depending on which strings are touched, different sounds, pitches, and tones are produced. Without the instrument, a similar sound is produced, but it does not have the same amount of depth or is as easily heard. The stretching of the strings and the hollowness of the instrument allows the sound to be more fluid with a greater amplitude, and therefore, a louder sound.



Energy Experts:

In round one, the Energy experts stated that the most efficient source of renewable energy for Page, Arizona was solar energy. This is not a sufficient source of energy because it will be difficult to retain energy throughout the night and it will be difficult to follow the direction of the sun with the panels. Groups that would agree with the counterargument of the Energy Experts are the presidents of the American Petroleum Institute and the Navajo tribe. The American Petroleum Institute is focused on increasing the use of natural gas. Using natural gas will not only create more jobs, but it is also already the source of  27% of Arizona’s energy.  The Navajo tribe solely wants to maintain the energy resources Page, Arizona already has in order to secure the natural lands. Adding solar panels or creating solar farms will inevitably take up this clear land.

Sierra Club Presidents:

In round two, the presidents of the Sierra Club also argued that solar energy would provide the most environmentally friendly and appropriate source of renewable energy for Page, Arizona. Again, solar energy not a sufficient source of energy because it will be difficult to retain energy throughout the night, it will be difficult to follow the direction of the sun with the panels, and the solar energy farms will replace the homes of the wildlife that inhabit Page, Arizona. Groups that would agree with the counterargument against the Sierra Club presidents are the Republican Senator and Tourism officials. The Republican Senator would not agree with their argument because they do not believe in global warming. Therefore, since solar energy does not harness a lot of energy, it would not matter how environmentally friendly it is. That is why the Republican Senator chose to use Biomass as a renewable source of energy because even though it releases many air pollutants, it seems to be the most sufficient in providing energy. The tourist group would disagree with the Sierra Club presidents because places solar panel on homes and creating solar panel farms will not be visually stimulating, and therefore, would repell tourists.

Debate: Round One

After today, I think that the leading group was the energy expert group. Even though this was my group, it seemed like “Rachel Klein” and her partner had come prepared with detailed research, multiple options for a renewable energy source, and the correct conclusion for Page, Arizona’s environmental conditions compared to the other groups. Although the other groups provided good arguments, their reasoning often seemed short and sometimes even false.

“How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint?” Activity Reflection

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.04.25 AM

This is the result of my carbon footprint. It especially amazed me how we would need five earths in order to provide enough resources for every person to live like me. Although I was sick today, I am very interested to see the classes results as a collective. I consider myself pretty green when it comes to recycling and healthy when it comes to eating fresh foods. Outside sources like driving to school everyday, using technology constantly, and using the city’s public transportation can have a great effect on the environment and earth’s well-being.