by ddreyfuss

post on your blog about the relative ELASTICITY of these two different balls. What makes them different? What do you think affects or changes their ability to deform and reform? What do you think this means in terms of energy transfer etc. Make some predictions!

Elasticity is defined as the ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed; stretchiness. In both videos, the ball’s shape transforms. The first video of the bouncy ball seems to bounce and transform more quickly than the tennis ball. I think the material and the interior of the ball affects the two ball’s ability to deform and reform. Although the tennis ball solely encloses air and is made of rubber, the bouncy ball is completely made of rubber without any other materials to effect the bounce due to friction. I think the fuzziness of the outside of the tennis ball blocks or absorbs some of the energy from being transferred to the ground.