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Month: October, 2014

Angry Birds Brainstorming

To being to brainstorm ideas, our group began to throw out ideas. Then we decided to each sketch out our own ideas of what to do. I though of using water balloons as the pigs, and nerf type of ball with pins sticking out as the bird. This would make the object of the game to aim the “bird” in a slingshot in order to dodge the obstacle, and pop the balloons. Another idea that most of us thought would be interesting to experiment with would be to create a type of potato shooter. This would enable us to control the air resistance and force of shooting the “bird” without human interference with a slingshot.

Scan 5


Friction: Winner or Enemy

A time when friction is a winner is when it allows objects to slow down as they are being passed across a surface. In my activity group we sit around a big table with a bag of cookies in the middle. Friction allows us to pass the cookies around the table with enough force so that it slows as it gets to the receiver.

A time when friction is the enemy is when is slows down an object to a stop before it reaches its acquired destination. In the same scenario with the cookies being passed across the table, there often isn’t enough force applied to the bag of cookies to reach its receiver. Friction slows down the bag too soon and leaves it annoyingly unreachable in the middle of thecookies table.

The Law of Inertia

The Law of Inertia is Newton’s first law of motion. It states that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and same direction unless acted upon by an outside force. This law occurs in my life on a daily basis involving my car. My car remains at rest all night until I (an outside force) take it out and drive it to school in the morning. My car stays at rest every night until I set it in motion every morning. car_wallpaper