Sonic Ranger Activity

by ddreyfuss

The Sonic Activity was both academically and leisurely entertaining. Three major points I took away from the activity were how to view displacement graphically, what effect walking away and towards an object had on the graph, and how speed effects the graph. I learned that as one walks away from an object it is graphically positive, and when one walks towards an object it is negative. Change in speed creates a more curved line on the graph rather than a constant rate, which creates a straight line. I can use these points to understand motion by being able to tell what direction and speed one was moving just by viewing a graph. 

The one graph I found challenging was the final “Move to Match the Graph” graph. It involved walking towards the object while accelerating in speed in one meter for ten seconds. I found this difficult because I was not sure where to start and end the acceleration of my walk. I learned that as the graph continued, the slight shallowing of the line meant that the walk was slowing down.